A poem to celebrate Fr Michael’s golden jubilee

From Us to You

The Lord asked you to follow Him and serve with grace and love
To minister to those in need of blessings from above
To watch His flock and guide us and to teach us how to pray
To understand the Gospels and to follow in His way
This task accepted graciously without a question why
The Lord chose you to share the love that comes from God on high
Most faithful servant of Our Lord for us the time has come
To thank you from within our hearts for all that you have done
The lives you’ve touched, the comfort and the sacraments you’ve shared
From births to deaths and in between you’ve showed how you’ve cared
Your gentle, calm and caring words, your quiet listening ear
The strength and wisdom you impart enables us to bear
Both joy and pain and suffering, all gifts from God above
Our parish priest, advisor, friend – We’d like to show our love
The Lord chose well when choosing you and fifty years now done
So many lives have prospered and in faith how they have grown
Thank you Fr. Michael, you’ve served so willingly
Congratulations, love and prayers, today enjoy your Jubilee

From your Parish Family