We support several charities, both at parish and individual levels.  Details of how we are doing this are given below.  Please see our CAFOD webpage for further information.

Burley-Tereli Friendship Trust (BTFT)
Please remember the people of Tereli in your prayers at this time.

On Tuesday 21st April 2020 we received news we had been dreading from our friends in Tereli and elsewhere in Mali, subsequently confirmed by France 24 News and on the Mali Interest Group webpage. Téréli, and another nearby village, Armani, were attacked by as many as 300 well-armed bandits who arrived on motorbikes to loot the villages and take the cattle. For three hours a few young people tried to hold them off with hunting rifles, while others hid in their houses or fled to the caves in the cliff overlooking Tereli. In the end the assailants made off with around 500 cattle, even taking the oxen used to cultivate with plough. Initially the villagers thought there had been no casualties, but the day after, the bodies of 12 young men were found and a further 6 are still missing.

The mayor of a nearby town was quoted as saying the attackers had been Fulani. Militant attacks in Mali often have an ethnic dimension. The pastoralist Fulani people are accused of being close to jihadists, a perception which has led to tit-for-tit massacres between them and traditional Dogon hunters, the ethnic group from whom most of the people of Tereli originate. The Malian state has been little in evidence and the appeals of local people for support fall on deaf ears. One of the largest bases of the Malian army is located in Sévaréonly 100 km away, but the army has made no effort to intervene or defend the villages from attack, and the situation remains unstable, with the armed bandits are still not far from Tereli.

With regard to COVID 19, the number of positive cases in Mali is increasing, though as yet there are still none that anyone is aware of in Tereli – though there has been no testing either. There is a fear of community contamination. Even in the capital Bamako there is little access to testing. In Zakari’s hospital he tells us they have masks, gloves and alcohol-based gel, but none of the full PPE available in the NHS. Nevertheless essential surgical procedures continue.
With your help, the BTFT will do everything we can to help the people of Tereli.

A Prayer from Burley for Tereli, written by the Reverend Mirella Moxon, Chair of the BTFT Trustee Board.
Heavenly Father, Our hearts are beating out a message of anguish and distress to you this day. We pound out our cry on behalf of all those who are captive to the evils of a deadly virus. We pound out our message for all those who are struggling for their lives and livelihoods because of climate change. We pound out our prayers for those who are now living in daily fear of banditry and terrorism.

Loving Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, hear the drum-beat of our hearts as we pray for help and healing, for justice and peace, for a cure for Covid 19, for an end to all forms of violence, brutality and banditry. Hear us as our hearts beat out a prayer for a worldwide response to climate change.

Heavenly Father, We are your Easter people, full of resurrection hope. Hope for renewal and the restoration of faith and love. We declare that through the death and resurrection of Your Son nothing, not even death, can separate us from your love. Truly death has lost its sting.

By the power of Your Holy Spirit, be with our loved ones, be with our friends in Tereli and The Dogon Region of Mali, West Africa, terrorised as they are by ruthless bandits and the fear of Covid 19.

Give them resourcefulness as they struggle to survive in one of the harshest environments on earth now beset by climate change. Give them the strength and courage they need to deal with the evils they presently face from violent attack and a deadly virus.

Loving God, listen to the pounding drum-beat message of our hearts and in your mercy:

Hear our prayer.
In Jesus’ name we pray

Mary’s Meals
We have received this message of hope from Bethany Barry, MM’s regional manager in Leeds:
“I hope you and your parishioners are keeping well. This is usually a time where we at Mary’s Meals would be reaching out to you to ask if we can share our story with your parishioners but, due to the coronavirus, we know that will not be possible.  Until we can be together again, our founder, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, has recorded a special message for your parishioners. You can find his message, filmed outside the shed in Argyll where it all began for Mary’s Meals, here.  Also you can see the moving films, Child 31 and Generation Hope.  A children’s activity pack, based on the story of Mary’s Meals, is also available to download here.
“Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, and we look forward to meeting you again soon. If you would like to register interest in hosting a talk from one of our volunteers when it is safe to do so, please get in touch 😊 May the Lord bless and keep you,

BTFT raises funds for vital healthcare, educational and environmental projects in Mali, West Africa. The charity was registered in 2006 when funds were needed to build a secondary school.   Projects have included: 
  • – Maternity services and facilities
  • – Wells providing clean drinking water – essential for health
  • – Building and equipping a secondary school 
  • – Emergency famine relief in times of drought 
  • – Building and equipping a new Dispensary 
  • – Environmental projects: measures to prevent soil erosion, planting trees, planting grasses to hold back encroaching desert
  • – Supporting a fully qualified medical doctor now working in the capital Bamako

On 14th July 2019 Team BTFT took part in the Ilkley Half Marathon to raise money for much needed palliative care for cancer – in Bamako, Mali, West Africa. An amazing £7,900 was raised.

Catholic Care

Catholic Care’s care and concern for the disadvantaged, vulnerable and marginalised in society springs from the social teachings of the Catholic Church. It delivers a wide range of services within the Diocese of Leeds, see Catholic Care for further details.  Its mission says ‘In everything we do, we strive to show how the teachings of Christian love, charity and justice can shape the way we live together.  We aim to achieve this by taking the caring church into the community and offering practical services and support for anyone who is disadvantaged, vulnerable or marginalised, regardless of their faith.’

Bishop Marcus’ March 2017 pastoral letter summarises Catholic Care’s work, see Pastoral letter -Catholic Care
All Catholic Care’s films can be found at
The Facebook page is

Mary’s Meals
Mary’s Meals vision is that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things.

In September 2017 the parish, family and friends sponsored Keith running for Mary’s Meals in the Great North Run.  We raised £205 in our cake sale and over £1,000 from parish and online donations.  Many thanks!

Once again fantastic support from the parish, families and friends for Brendan, Chris and Keith, raising over £2,600.  We ran for Mary’s Meals in the May 2018 Leeds half marathon.

In summer 2017 we collected teaspoons and hand towels that were included in over 115 backpacks for children in Malawi.  See the letter of thanks from Mary’s Meals and photos of the backpacks being collected and being transported for delivery. backpackthanksfromMM

At Easter 2018 the total number of backpacks sent to Malawi and also to Liberia was over 300.

Krzysia and June loading the backpacks.

PAFRAS works with refugees, asylum seekers and the wider community to counter the effects of enforced destitution on vulnerable migrants.  Its work has three main strands:
– providing immediate humanitarian relief
– long-term support, advice and advocacy aimed at assisting service users to make lasting improvements to their situations
– raising awareness and campaigning locally and nationally on issues affecting our service users
Parishioners support this work by donating and delivering non perishable food items and toiletries.  We have a collection point in the main foyer of the church and all items are taken each month to the PAFRAS centre in Leeds.  For more information please contact Marie Straw.


Changes to our church

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Volunteer stewards THANK YOU

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Please remember the people of Tereli in your prayers

On Tuesday 21st April, the village was attacked by as many as 300 well-armed bandits who arrived on motorbikes to loot the village and take all of the cattle. For three hours a few young people tried to hold them off with hunting rifles, while others hid in their houses or fled to the caves […]

Parish Offertory

If you would like to, and only if your circumstances allow, you can now make a donation to the Parish Offertory, either by this online page: or, to contribute £5, please text CHURCH SSFM to 70500

Leeds Cathedral live-streaming of Mass & devotions

Mass is being live-streamed on Sundays at 11:00am.  Weekday Masses Monday to Friday are now live-streamed usually at 12:30pm (12noon on Saturdays) and preceded by the Angelus and Rosary which will be prayed at 11:50am (11:20am on Saturdays).  To participate online, please access the Leeds Cathedral Live YouTube channel where the words of Prayers, […]

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