cafodCAFOD is the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development.  For more information or if you wish to help our work please contact Rosalia by email:

Family Fast Day – Lent Appeal, Friday 3rd March 2023
This Lent, your donations to CAFOD’s Family Fast Day Appeal will help families fighting the climate crisis and ensure that our Church network can quickly respond to emergencies, like the recent earthquake in Syria and Turkey. Give today using the envelope or at and please join us in praying for CAFOD’s development and emergency response work all over the world.
Thank you.

Syria-Turkey Earthquake Appeal
CAFOD is responding with support of provision of food, water, shelter, medical assistance and winter kits for survivors. Your donations in recent months have made that quick response possible. Let us join CAFOD in praying for our sisters and brothers affected by the earthquakes and the winter weather. Your support for CAFOD throughout the year allows our Catholic agency to act quickly when disasters strike. For more details visit CAFOD’s Syria Turkey Emergency Appeal online at

CAFOD’s Lent prayer: A special Lenten fast
Give up harsh words: use generous ones.
Give up unhappiness: take up gratitude.
Give up anger: take up gentleness and patience.
Give up pessimism: take up hope and optimism.
Give up worrying: take up trust in God.
Give up complaining: value what you have.
Give up stress: take up prayer.
Give up judging others: discover Jesus within them.
Give up sorrow and bitterness: fill your heart with joy.
Give up selfishness: take up compassion for others.
Give up being unforgiving: learn reconciliation.
Give up words: fill yourself with silence, and listen to others.

Thank you to all those who helped to restart the CAFOD Booksale in the church porch. (It wasn’t me!) Thank you to Greg who has counted and sent off the monies raised –an amazing £55.57 over the last three months. A reminder then that the ongoing Booksale is in the church porch on the bookshelves near to the Tree of Life. Money for the books you purchase may be placed in the blue tin – also on the bookshelf. If you have a book to donate just pop it on the shelves. Please do not leave bags of books as we try to keep the books within the confines of the bookshelf. I will have a sort out and remove any that have been there for some time.
Thank you, Rosalia

COP26 – Glasgow 1 -12 November 2021

With the eyes of the world on the UK, we must urge the Prime Minister to make sure communities hardest hit by the climate emergency are listened to at COP26 – sign our petition now at
Visit the CAFOD website to read more about what you can do.
Click on the Campaigns tab to take you to COP26 climate summit and this will take you to many ways you can be involved – a petition to the PM, a second urgent petition to Rishi Sunak and always important a prayer chain. The petitions will take you two minutes to sign and submit. CAFOD has been informed by politicians that these actions do make a difference. So, it really is time to forget our own comforts, our own safe way of life and to think about future generations and those who are living in those areas most affected by climate change. The time is now, another ten years is too late.
Thank you,
Regards Rosalia.

CAFOD Walk for Water challenge – Lent 2021
Thank you to members of the parish who sponsored us in our Walk for Water 2021 challenge. The Walk certainly gave us lots to think over, ponder and pray about. The total we raised to help improve the water situation for our brothers and sisters was £625.
Our joint step total was 942,552. Thank you,
Mark and Rosalia

Information and forthcoming events
The Leeds office is situated in Hinsley Hall, Leeds. It provides information on local and national events and how to get involved. See for more details.

Climate change
CAFOD works with other agencies to call for action on climate change. Its campaign One Climate, One World is calling for politicians to work together to:

  • prevent climate change pushing people deeper into poverty
  • support the transition from polluting fossil fuels to sustainable energy for all


Thank you Fr Michael

A Wonderful Weekend What a wonderful weekend our Parish Family enjoyed. So many people came to celebrate Mass together. On Saturday evening we gathered after Mass for the blessing prayers for the newly installed defibrator. On Sunday a Mass we welcomed Josephine and Colin with their family to give thanks to the Lord for their […]

New fruit trees

In December 2022 Frances and Keith bought two fruit trees, an apple and a Victoria plum, a bag of soil conditioner and stakes to hold the trees in position.  Mike and Keith dug out two holes in the garden (they are to the left of the presbytery) and placed the trees (still in their pots) […]

Fr Barrie Holmes

With great sadness I have to let you know that Fr Barrie Holmes died in St Gemma’s Hospice on the evening of Friday 19th November. He was our Parish Priest for some very special years. It was he who re-ordered our lovely Church, and help make it the lovely place / centre we all love. […]

Pope Francis’ on Thought for the Day for climate change

Dear BBC listeners, Good Morning. “Climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic have exposed our deep vulnerability and raised numerous doubts and concerns about our economic systems and the way we organise our societies. “We have lost our sense of security and are experiencing a sense of powerlessness and loss of control over our lives. “We […]

Bug Hotel

We have built a bug hotel from an old wooden pallet, a milk crate and some unused fencing panels.  We gave it a new roof and covered it with roofing felt to make it last a long time.  It is in place and now open for visitors!  Our children will be filling it soon with […]

Jack’s hedgehog hotel

Jack and his grandad John have teamed up to build an amazing hedgehog hotel for their holiday project. Jack cut the tunnel and legs to size, he then drilled, glued and screwed the box and tunnel together leaving grandad to cover the box and fit the lid.  The hotel is now in the Parish garden […]