Climate change

Climate change is hitting the poorest countries hardest. Severe weather events are undoing decades of development. World leaders signed a promise in 2015 to try and keep global temperature rises below 2 degrees. In 2018 scientists said that this target must drop to 1.5 degrees.

Pope Francis asks us to listen carefully to those times when we hear of the world been harmed or where we hear the cry of the poor and we should think about what we can do to help. We have pushed our world to its limits, we demand more cars, more flights to take us on holidays to faraway places, more land is built on for industry creating more pollution. All of this production and consumption is exhausting our world. The forests are cut down, the topsoil erodes, the fields fail, the deserts advance and the storms intensify. We are not allowing the land to rest at all or the earth to be renewed. During this season of creation we need to think about being satisfied with what we have and not constantly seeking more.

During lockdown

have ridden my bicycle rather than drive my car.

I have recycled my plastics and garden waste.

I have composted waste materials such as vegetable cuttings and egg shells and I will put this back on my soil when it has decomposed.

What have you done or would you like to do – send your ideas and your pictures to

As we think about our nature project, remember that God has created the whole world and all the people, animals, plants and other things in it. There are so many treasures in our world for us all to share. Like water, the sun, fresh air, trees, food.

So when you look around you and count all the treasures that God has given us. And try your hardest to do at least one thing to show your care for God’s world and the treasure that is in it.