Raised beds & insect friendly flowers

We have a great new raised bed on the gravelled area just outside the church hall.  Thank you to the children who have grown insect friendly flowers this year and planted them in the planter.
Frances has added a few flowers soon too, we have started to build-up a wildlife haven for insects and birds. What interesting plants, creatures or features do you have in your garden  – please share some photos or drawings by email to  Tol.ssfishermore@gmail.com

This year has been good for the children and their families who collected a sunflower seedling, flowering plant or tomato or pepper plants from the front steps. Look how well the sunflowers have grown, here are Joseph, Chris and Nathan with the plants.  

Seb’s is going to have 2 blooms ! Grow one get one free ! We just need the sun to see their beauty!
Seb is just short of 140cm so this plant may just equal his height !!!





Here is a message from Frances:
We hope to share these stories very soon when we are able to meet again.  Also any families wishing to help with the development of the church gardens please contact me via email Tol.ssfishermore@gmail.com

You can find some posters here  with more information about sunflowers.  See our Tree of Life webpage for more details.